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Can I send a gift to my sponsored child?

Yes! However, since the mailing system in Ukraine is not as reliable as we wish it to be, please do not put expensive gifts in your package. If you wish to send a special, valuable gift to your child – please contact us, depending on circumstances we may be able to offer you to send a special donation which would be used to buy your desired gift in Ukraine and deliver it to the hands of your sponsored child.  Here are our suggested simple gifts that your sponsored child will be thrilled to receive:

– photos, stickers, postcards, hair accessories, etc.;

– writing and painting: pens, crayons, paper, small drawstring bags, etc.;

– learning and exploring: maps, small notepads, pocket calculator, bookmarks, flashcards, etc.;

– sporting and outdoor activities: inflatable beach balls, jump rope, etc.;

– gifts to share with family and friends, like travel-size board games;

Due to safety issues and cultural differences, please do not send the following gifts:

    – money and gifts that seem expensive (precious metal, jewelry, wristwatch, etc.;

    – sharp, dangerous, fragile gifts (knives, scissors, compass, thermometer, etc.);

    – skin and hair care products (soap, make-up, shampoo, etc.);

    – food and plants (sweets, seeds, pressed flowers, etc.);

    – liquids (paint, bubbles, nail polish, etc.).

    Just like mailing a letter, you can send your gift to our office in Ukraine.