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Do  you facilitate adoptions of orphans who are part of your program?

«CHILDREN IN UKRAINE» currently does not operate an adoption support or facilitation program. Since Ukraine’s independence from the Soviet Union in 1991 some of our team members have helped thousands of families mainly from the United States and Canada to adopt Ukrainian orphans. In fact, many of our U.S. volunteers are U.S. adoptive families who adopted orphans from Ukraine, which is the highest manifestation of love for an orphan. These volunteers travelled to Ukraine multiple times, understand Ukrainian laws and regulations, learned Ukrainian culture first hand. However, currently we cannot provide any adoption advice as international adoptions are currently not allowed by the Ukrainian government. Our current resources are fully focused on child sponsorships in Ukraine, as we assist Ukrainian orphans and at-risk children to stay safe, healthy and educated and to never know what hunger is. Once international adoptions become legal again in Ukraine, we will advise and possibly guide adoption-minded families on how to best approach adopting Ukrainian orphans.