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Can one child have more than one sponsor?

We have two options to sponsoring a child:

– Our Individual Sponsorship Option implies that one sponsor is connected with one child.  If you choose this option your sponsored child will have only you as his or her sponsor.  You will be able to exchange letters with your child, become his or her special friend, most likely the only true friend your chosen child will have abroad. This option will take a bit more of your time and will be a more personal, emotional and enriching engagement. – Our General Sponsorship Option children may have multiple sponsors, because such sponsored children are representatives of the community we have chosen to partner with. General Sponsorship donors do not exchange individual letters with their sponsored children but will still receive regular updates on their sponsored children and regular program reports.

Finally, if you do not have a preference which child to sponsor we would welcome your making a general donation to our program, which will be directed to helping children who are not yet chosen.  General donations will also enlarge the impact of our program overall, help us identify new communities in need, develop new partnerships in Ukraine to add more disadvantaged children to our program.