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How does my sponsorship work in Ukrainian communities?

Your sponsorship gives at-risk children a healthy start in life and enables them to become independent, confident adults once they grow up.  «CHILDREN IN UKRAINE» carefully selects partnership communities where children need help the most and where local authorities are ready and eager to cooperate with us and share our vision for children and our concept of future sustainability. Once we identify a new partnership community we do not give your donations directly to a child. Rather, we work with grassroots organizations to establish priorities for each sponsored child and meet their needs in an educated way. We strive to make sure children have enough food, access to medical care, clothing, school uniforms, educational necessities. We try to provide for other special needs which may occur, as we can. When a child is chosen for sponsorship by a caring donor like you, he or she is informed by our staff or partners. We wish you could be there during that moment! Your chosen child feels so happy and special! In certain situations / months we combine your monthly sponsorship with donations of other donors to provide help to your sponsored child’s community projects, in which case sponsorships multiply and a group of sponsored children living nearby are the beneficiaries. By pooling sponsorship donations wisely, each child receives more for the same amount of money than if the families directly bought these items themselves. Sometimes Children of Ukraine program will involve helping families earn additional income and work toward becoming self-sufficient.